Renewing My Driver's License

We are legal residents of Nevada. David's driver's license was due for renewal this month and he was able to do it on-line. Easy, painless, no waiting … $17 for four years. My license, on the other hand, is due for renewal in November, but since I won't be here in November and it's more than 30 days from the actual required renewal date, I had to go to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office for renewal. Easier said, than done.  

long line at the dmv


The office opens at 8am, and we were advised to get there early to get near the front of the line. We arrived at 7:20 and the waiting line extended down the sidewalk, around the corner and to the back of the building. It's a big building … the line was long. The sun was high and blisteringly hot already and we were not quite prepared for the wait, like some of our fellow waiters. One woman set up lawn chairs under a tree and had a cooler full of cold water bottles. We didn't even have hats. What were we thinking?

At about 8:03, the line began to move. Our shoes had melted in place and it was hard to pick up our feet, but the excitement of moving 10 feet gave us some incentive. By 8:30, we were near the front door and at least close to the shade. A portly security officer admonished us to get into single file which, of course, made the line longer. We finally managed to get inside which put us into the next line at Information. “Everyone must visit the Information Desk” … two triage people who dispense numbers ( I was G055), give out forms. Mine was yellow and needed to be completed on both sides, but NOT signed until I was in the presence of an official DMV person. I stood at a counter, filled out the form and we found a seat within the masses of people who were already waiting for DMV services.


inside the dmv


This place is made for those who have to wait. Lots of fairly, uncomfortable, plastic, molded chairs were actually quite welcome after the long, hot wait in line. There's a snack bar for coffee and burritos, if you're interested. Several overhead monitors (some of which worked) flashed inane factoids about movie stars, the current temperature (103F) and one flashed the current numbers being served. There were H-numbers, I-numbers, J-numbers and, of course, G-numbers, among others. They flashed on a screen at the same time a computer-generated female voice said “G05 is now being served at Window 23. G05? My number was G055 … this might be a long wait. Luckily, David is a patient man and he kept me successfully entertained until at last my number was called.


dmv snack bar


The official DMV person checked my form, confirmed that I wanted to donate my organs (only after I'm done with them), did a quick vision test and had me sign and date the form in his presence. Cha...ching … that'll be $22.25. But David only paid $17.50! Next, wait in line for a photo. The no-nonsense, lack-of-humor photographer did not respond to my “good morning”. He checked the form carefully, had me sign, told me to stand in the marked box in front of the blue background and barked “get your hair out of your eyes”. Flash! “Can I see the picture?” “Already gone … you'll get your new license in the mail in the next couple of weeks …. Next!”

So two hours, a slight sunburn on my nose and $22.25 later (the premium paid for the privilege of waiting in line), I have an old license with VOID punched across it and a piece of paper which says my license is “in the mail”, and will be valid till November 2018. Just one of the joys of living (and driving) on land.


temp license