From the Mountains to the Sea

colorado rockies  

Mountains, for some folks, have the same effect as the sea for others. Mountains can provide solace, tranquility, a sense of openness and a release from the world. David, as well as our son Brennan, used to climb mountains in their spare time when we lived in Rockies. There are 54 peaks in Colorado above 14,000' (4,267m) called the Fourteeners. They climbed nearly all of them. I climbed a few … sheer heights do not fall in my favorites category.


chungara chili


That “Rocky Mountain high”, however, is right up there with the emotions we've experience on Nine of Cups at sea. The sky goes on forever. Sunsets and sunrises are marvels. The views go on forever. The air is fresh and clean. It's blissfully quiet. There's no one else in the world to interrupt your thoughts or reverie. It's sacred.




Our mountain climbing days are over, but not our love for the mountains. We're willing to travel inland just to view them … they're majestic. The best, though, is seeing snow-covered mountains while sailing. The Patagonian canals and Tierra del Fuego were great for that. It was a double hit of wow.

Here's a few of the mountains we've met in our travels...




Chimborazo -Ecuador




Avenue of the Volcanoes – Cotapaxi Volcano, Ecuador


mount evans


Mt Evans views


aconcagua andes


Aconcagua – Argentina – highest mountain in Argentina


grand tetons


Grand Teton


el dientes tierra del fuego


El Dientes in Tierra del Fuego


blue mountains australia


Blue Mountains of Australia


mount rugby port davey


Mt Rugby, Port Davey, Tasmania