New England Signs

During our recent trips to colonial New England towns and on our drive through Vermont, we netted a few more signs for our collection that we thought we'd share. Enjoy.  

got maple?


A typical Vermont bumper sticker.


palm reading


Palm reading in Salem – and what were you thinking?


caution falling objects


Falling objects? The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!


workers below do not throw rocks


Aha.. Don't throw rocks! This is where the falling objects are coming from.


falling houses


No, it's not rocks. It's houses. We must be back in Oz.


the pig next door


If the pig suit fits, …


elderly crossing


A sign just for us.


get your pistol permit


Get your pistol permit. Really? Are they crazy?


no tree climbing


No tree climbing.

Makes sense in an apple orchard though we were tempted to climb just to get those big guys just a little out of reach.


beaver crossing


We didn't see any beavers, but we were watching out for them.