And They're Off...

leaving marina on rainy day  

We were awake on and off all night, anxious to start the day and a new passage. We still had a few chores to do before we left like topping off the water tanks and making the last trash disposal run. We readied for departure, cast off the dock lines and slipped out of the berth into the millpond calm marina channel. Richard and Adrienne popped their heads out and shouted goodbye. Dolphins accompanied us down the channel … a sailor's good luck sign.


dolphin escort


It was overcast and grey, cool with intermittent showers which drenched us at times. There was no dampening our spirits though. Before I knew it, we were out of the cut and into the Gulf of St. Vincent. I was stowing fenders and coiling up lines.


toast to neptune


David found the bottle of rum and we paid homage to Neptune, thanking him for his past protection of ship and crew and asking him to continue to oversee us on this new passage from Adelaide to Perth. We were smiling at each other like kids in a candy store. David looked relaxed and pleased to be at the helm again. Nine of Cups is back at sea.