Valentine's Day 2014

eros at the gallery of south australia  

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you'll know that I like to celebrate holidays whenever possible. Valentine's Day, in particular, is a wonderful day for lovers to celebrate and we definitely qualify. David's easy … he goes along with my romantic notions. Remember, he's the guy who tied yellow ribbons on Nine of Cups for my Australian homecoming!


love on the rundle mall


Well, since I'm writing this in time to post for Valentine's Day, it's hard to know how the day will turn out. Here's the plan … we'll have thrown off the docklines at Crown Marina yesterday and headed out into the Gulf of St. Vincent to some anchorage along the way. We'll savor the quiet and the wonder of being at anchor once again. We get up early on Valentine's Day morning and head to Kangaroo Island. We'll be anchored by afternoon. The champagne will be chilling throughout the trip and will be perfect for sipping once we're settled into our anchorage for the night. A nice dinner (maybe blue crab or a fish caught en route) and a movie aboard. Actually, that sounds perfect for any night, no matter where we are … and it doesn't even have to be Valentine's Day.


kangaroo love


I'll get back to you on how the day really turns out versus “my plan”. For some reason, reality and my plans don't always coincide. Go figure.