Heading to Port Lincoln...the long way

kingscote to emu bay  

Having waited patiently a day for more favorable winds, we were up at 0-dark-thirty ready to take off. We checked the updated weather forecasts; everyone was in agreement for S/SW winds 18-21 knots, perfect for our trip. We were anchor up and heading out of Kingscote Harbour by 0615 in the dark, cold and rain, but the wind was promising. Destination: Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsular, about 130 nm away to the northwest with an overnight anchorage stop at West Cape en route.

The rain shower took a break as we rounded the markers on the lights on the east end of Beatrice Islets. The sun came out brightly for a moment and a pale, but discernible rainbow arced over Kingscote. A couple of dolphins bid us farewell. We took this as a good sign.

About two hours into the passage, the wind shifted to the WSW (250º) with 30+ gusts. The waves were short period and choppy about 1.5-2m … think of riding in a washing machine on “agitate mode” to conjure up the image. We figured we'd tough it through until David noticed a problem with the jib furler drum. We are not competitors in a race. We are not keen to be uncomfortable or unsafe. Emu Bay seemed a likely place to turn in, get respite from the winds and make the repair.

So … here we are, anchored in Emu Bay, late afternoon … no emus in sight. The jib furler is repaired, minor issue, but glad we caught it when we did. We'll spend the night here, enjoying the reasonably calm water while the wind howls around us and a mile away, the white caps in Investigator Strait continue to build. We'll try again tomorrow. This is how it goes with sailing sometimes.