New Friends in Port Lincoln

jo and philip aboard cups  

Port Lincoln is a very friendly town, but we had the added benefit of having friends in Adelaide who had friends in Port Lincoln who didn't mind playing host to a couple of American yachties. Jo and Philip were friends before we even met them. We had a couple of parts we needed to order, but no address to which to send them. They had no problem accepting and holding onto the parcels until we arrived and thus their friendly hospitality began before Nine of Cups ever entered Boston Bay.

We rang Jo when we arrived and had an invitation to lunch before we could say “we're from Nine of Cups”. She was expecting us. Philip was sailing his boat, Lady Oz, down from Port Broughton during the same time and arrived later in the evening, anchoring not far away. It was also the finish of the Adelaide to Port Lincoln race, so it was a busy time in the bay as boats crossed the finish line.


adelaide to lincoln yacht race boat


We planned to meet our new friends at 1pm for lunch which gave us time to do three loads of laundry at the local laundromat and still have time to stop by the Port Lincoln Yacht Club which had generously invited us to the festivities following the yacht race.


port lincoln yacht club after race party


The day was glorious … warm and sunny … and the local Farmer's Market was in full swing. People sat at tables enjoying Venus Bay prawns, local wines, fresh produce and other local delights.


port lincoln market


Jo and Philip picked us up at the jetty and whisked us away to Jo's family home overlooking Boston Bay. We could see the entire harbor and Nine of Cups from their dining room. Lunch was lovely and the conversation was easy as we got to know each other. There is probably no better compliment to us nor better experience than to be invited into someone's home.


harbor view from jos house


They invited us for a drive around the area and how could we refuse? Jo's knowledge of the history and geography of Port Lincoln and environs is wonderful and added so much to our appreciation of the area. We drove over to the Lincoln Cove Marina, a yacht marina, as well as the home of the largest commercial fishing fleet in the southern hemisphere.


fishing fleet


A drive to the top of the Winter Hill Lookout netted us even more spectacular views of Boston Bay, Boston Island and beyond.


jo marcie david at winter view lookout


We continued on past Sleaford Mere, a brackish lake named by Matthew Flinders, onto a gravel road which took us to land's end at Sleaford Bay for outstanding views of the Southern Ocean, a taste of where we would be sailing in just a few days.


sleaford bay southern ocean

Wandering around Port Lincoln

One of our favorite things to do in a new port is to wander around … sometimes aimlessly. It's a good way to figure out the lay of the land and to spot unique aspects of the town that we might not usually see. For instance, if we hadn't been wandering around in Port Lincoln, we might not have seen the Flinders Theatre … built in 1929 … and still operating as a movie theater or the Flinder's Arch on Tasman Terrace. Matthew Flinders visited Port Lincoln around this time of year in 1802 and actually named it and the bays around here  

flinders theater


The Port Lincoln downtown area is not very large, so getting lost was not a serious concern. We beached the dinghy at the friendly Port Lincoln Yacht Club then walked up Tasman Terrace along the shore of Boston Bay. Nine of Cups was looking pretty fine anchored in the bay and we couldn't resist taking a few pix.


cups anchored in boston bay


We spotted a life-sized bronze statue of a horse along the foreshore which, of course, piqued our interest. Tony Santic, the owner of Makybe Diva, a three-time Melbourne Cup winner, is a Croatian fisherman from Port Lincoln and the town commissioned the bronze in honor of what the brochures call his “supermare”.


makyba diva


We noted that the town jetty seemed a popular place for local fishermen to throw out a line. There was also a protected swim area since the area is known for its great white shark population.


protected swim area


There was no dearth of opportunities to cage dive with great white sharks, swim with tunas, swim with sea lions and swim with dolphins. We had no inclination to do this. Hmm …. get into a cage, flash some bait and wait for great white sharks to come visiting AND pay $500AUD/pp for the pleasure. We find other ways to get our adrenaline rushes.


swim with great whites


We chose to walk up Adelaide Street for no particular reason other than it connected with Liverpool Street which seemed to be the home of all the supermarkets in town. A tree along the street was teeming with squawking birds and as luck would have it, they were ring-necked parrots aka the Port Lincoln parrot, a new bird to tick off our list. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a good pic, but I nicked one from Wiki to introduce you to this handsome bird.


port lincoln parrot


There are three good sized supermarkets here, all along Liverpool Street, each offering mostly the same stuff, but all offering just a few things different. Woolworths (aka Wooly's here and nothing to do with the old Woolworth's 5 & 10, if you're old enough to remember that) had a free Vegemite poster with each Vegemite purchase. Wow! Unfortunately, we had sufficient supply of Vegemite on board from our last tasting, so we missed out on the freebie. They also offered Kanga-Bangas … we hesitated on this one, but eventually decided to give it a pass as well.


vegemite and kangabangas


All in all, we have found Port Lincoln to be a pleasant little town with all the amenities we could ask for, a great anchorage and friendly people. Tomorrow, we meet some new friends for lunch and we're looking forward to it.