Walk with Us in Streaky Bay, S. Australia

streaky bay south australia  

We figured you probably getting tired of just reading about what we're doing, so you're invited along today on a short walk through Streaky Bay. “Short” walk because Streaky Bay is a pretty tiny little town and of course, we're on foot. It's not just a walk actually, we need to get a few things done, but we'd appreciate your company. Wear comfy shoes and let's start out early as it gets really hot in the afternoons. I picked up an Historic Walking Map and some brochures at the i-Station yesterday, so we're all set.


streaky bay brochures


First stop, after we beach the dinghy, is the Streaky Bay Roadhouse. Lugging the dirty laundry and fuel jugs from the dink is never an easy task, but the end of my rainbow at the moment (beyond clean clothes and diesel fuel) is a chance to see the replica of the world's record Great White Shark caught by a rod and reel. David will fill the fuel cans and I'll get the laundry started, then (and only then) we can take a look at the shark. Darn it, the washers are working, but the dryers are not, so we'll have to head back to the boat to hang out the wet clothes on the line. Plus we might as well haul the full fuel jugs back to the boat anyway. Sorry for the delay. Work trumps play at the moment.


hanging clothes storing fuel


Okay … back to shore … beach the dink and directly to the Roadhouse. In the back of the shop, beyond the little eat-in area, the souvenirs and the toilets is a separate room and there he is … a replica of a great white caught by rod and reel in 1990, weighing 1500 kg (3300 lbs … wow!) and more than 5m (16') long. Would you mind taking a picture of me with my head in his mouth? Thanks … this is probably (and hopefully) the closest I'll come to a white pointer.


great white shark collage


How about checking out the little town museum? It's situated in a 1901 school building and according to the brochure they have “the church altar from St. Canutes Catholic Church ... a bird egg collection ... nostalgic items from the area including cameras, radios and bottles” and a recently renovated Straight Eight Nash Car used by Mrs. Sylvia Birdseye for passenger runs between Streaky Bay and Adelaide. This does not sound like something we want to miss. Darn … I didn't notice the opening hours … only open Tuesdays and Fridays between 1:30-4:00pm. Maybe we can sneak a peek in the yard.


museum peek


I meant to point out the older houses here. They're typical of the late 19th/early 20th century homes in the area with thick stone walls and steel roofs (used to be tin, I'm sure). Many have the white, decorative iron fretwork as decoration. They look neat, tidy and substantial.


typical streaky bay house


Oh, my… that's a big spider over there … let's just move along.


streaky bay spider


Walking down Bay Road/Flinders Highway gives a nice view of the town and the bay beyond, don't you think?


streaky bay street view


I especially like the look of the Streaky Bay Community Hotel. The brochure says it was erected in 1905 and it used to be called the Flinders Hotel. I really think that was a much better name. They serve regular pub fare and we were thinking we might try it for lunch one day.


streaky bay hotel


It's getting hot and it's going to be a bear getting the dinghy back into the water. Let's call it a day. I know we didn't get to the cemetery or the museum, but we've still got chores to do yet today. Maybe another day? David caught quite a few blue swimmers and I've cooked some up. We've got a couple of bottles of David's home-brewed Australia Pale Ale chilling in the fridge. Why not come back to the boat for dinner tonight? You don't need to bring a thing.


beer and crabs