Hit the Ground Running - Mandurah

We began chores as soon as we were tied up at the end of the T-dock in Mandurah. I had a load of laundry in the club washing machine and an order placed with Cole's Supermarket for next day delivery while David gave Nine of Cups a good wash-down and fresh water rinse within hours of arrival … all AFTER a hot shower for the crew and a quick tour of the facilities. We were in touch with the sailmaker for the yankee clew repair and they picked up the sail immediately. We walked over to the chandlery late in the afternoon to see what was available. We reviewed our long to-do list before settling down for dinner, a glass of wine (or two) and a movie.The night was calm and quiet and it felt good to relax with Cups all secure.

washing the boat

Since a very wet and windy nor'wester was forecast for the area mid-week, we wanted to make hay while the sun was shining. We hit the ground running the next morning. I had laundry hanging on the line early to dry and began polishing stainless … my very favorite chore.

polishing stainless

We launched the dinghy so David could start waxing the topsides and shear stripe. Cups was beginning to perk up and look beautiful again once the three month layer of salt and dirt were washed away.


Between projects, the groceries were delivered and I got everything down below and stowed. David repaired the leaking deck prism and prepped it for rebedding. A club member, Cliff, stopped by to say hello and kindly offered any help we might need. He provided the name of his local dentist (Chris is also a club member … how lucky is that). I called and made appointments immediately for our 6-month cleaning. Another item to check off the list.

rebedding deck prism

David installed the replacement Raymarine GPS AND it worked right out of the box. The new Navionics Gold chartplotter card for Africa works, too. Things aren't always quite that easy. We thank our lucky stars when they are.

installing new gps

We quit working when the sun went down, exhausted, but pleased with our day's efforts. After dark and before dinner (or wine), I did a stores inventory to begin working up our provisioning order. David has improved our provisioning worksheet and made it iPad compatible … more on that later. David started making a list of supplies and parts we need here that he hadn't yet ordered. The horseshoe life buoy needs replacing as does an anode. The main halyard is worn and a jib sheet needs replacing, as well as the downhaul, uphaul, foreguy and topping lift for the whisker pole … and a third reef pennant. Cha-ching! What was the definition of cruising again?