Just a Little Further in Mandurah

While we were still in Esperance a month or so ago, we received an e-mail from Tim Donkin, General Manager of the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (MOFSC). He wanted to know if Nine of Cups planned to stop at the club and if so, would we be interested in making a presentation to their members. We were very flattered by the invitation. I mean, we're not famous or anything and how often do we get to talk in person to people who are really interested in the cruising lifestyle AND not have to check for rotten vegetables at the door?  



We've done several presentations in the past, but we wanted to do something a bit different, so we noodled a lot over the past month and spent some time working on a new theme espousing our philosophy of Just A Little Further. Basically, we feel it's easier to cast off the docklines and set several, smaller short-term goals that are obtainable, than to make huge commitments to long, offshore passages before you've built up the experience and confidence to head out. The goal wasn't to convert anyone, just to let them know it's do-able and cruising is a fine lifestyle.


opening slide


It's been blowing hard here for the past couple of days with intermittent torrential downpours. The night of the presentation was no different and when 5:58pm rolled around, there were only a handful of hardy folks in the room. No matter … we were keen to present. Just at 6pm, in walked a large group plus Tim and nearly every chair was taken. We were psyched.




The presentation lasted about an hour and the questions following were excellent. We could have chatted with these people all night. Some were interested in cruising; some were not, but liked the dream. We had dinner together later in the club restaurant, chatting like old friends. We put several tables end to end and the conversation was lively and all-inclusive.

We've only just arrived and already we've been made to feel part of the community. People stop by to say hello and ask if we need anything … loan of a car, a lift here or there, a trip to the supermarket or the farmer's market. How wonderful to feel so welcome. This really is one of the very best things about cruising the world. Thanks, MOFSC!