A Year Ago on Just a Little Further - Oct. 14th-20th

Each Wednesday we feature interesting and favorite posts from a year ago this week.  Click the link to view the whole post.


making beer on the boat

Brew-meister at Work

"He gathered together all the ingredients. It’s pretty much a kit, but this still took over an hour since things got “put away” six months ago when we left for the States and now finding them again is challenging… some things may never be found."


hydraulic hose

Patience and the Un-virtuous Woman

"I can wait for a weather window and not complain much. I can wait in a doctor’s office and read the year-old magazines without too much grimacing. Waiting in a check-out line at the supermarket starts my stomach churning. This nasty trait is most evident, however, when we’re hunting for boat parts."


tasmanian devil

A Devil of a Day

"But what about potoroos, pandemelons, bandicoots and quolls? I’ve never even heard of these critters. Have you? My spell checker certainly hasn’t. And of course, we’d yet to encounter the famed, but elusive icon of Tasmania, a Tasmanian Devil (and I don’t mean Looney Tunes’ Taz)."