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Yes, yet something else to worry about: nomophobia. It's a fear of being without mobile phone contact … NO...MObile..PHOne...phobia. The term was coined in the UK when it was determined by a study that people who lose their phones, run out of battery power or don't have network coverage, suffer the same anxiety that folks suffer when heading to the dentist's office or getting married. Yikes!

More than half the people (in the study anyhow) never ever turn off their mobile phones. Really? More often than not, we forget to turn ours on. I've been using my mom's phone since I got back into the States. When I do remember to charge it and then turn it on, I forget to take it with me when I go out.

We buy a new mobile phone in pretty much every country we visit. They're pretty much disposable … $20/phone and then pay-as-you-go service. We never get fancy phones … no iPhones for us. No, we get the type that still require you to use the “1” key for either ABC, “2” for DEF, etc. We must tap it until the proper letter appears on the screen. We seldom send a text that's error-free and sometimes the messages are rather bizarre. We buy them in order to contact vendors, marinas and other cruisers when the VHF radio won't suffice.

There is hope for all the nomophobes out there. There's a Mobile Phone Anxiety Advice Center.


no bars


I think if we were land folk full time, we might succumb to the constant need to be in touch. As it is, when we're at sea, we figure we're lucky to be in touch with the world once a day via SailMail (radio signal) and then mostly for weather forecasts. As for mobile signals, they're few and far between at sea and so far, we've managed without a satellite phone. Perhaps, we have mophobia... a fear of having a mobile phone and too much contact or perhaps it's just not important to us.

What about you? Are you a nomophobe? Can you go without your mobile phone for long periods of say, 48 hours?? Would you want to?


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