Bienvenido to the "Other" America ...

Our love affair with South America began as soon as we arrived in Venezuela. It was unexpected. 
We just didn't realize what a culturally rich, enchanting part of the world this is and once we
did, we were hard pressed to leave. For nearly five years, we sailed, trekked, bused, traipsed, wandered and roamed the countries of this magnificent continent and still didn't see everything. From the colonial walls of Cartagena to the  "fin del mundo"  (end of the world) in Tierra del Fuego, we were constantly inspired by the unique aspects of each country and its culture,  the friendly, hospitable nature of the people and the sheer delight of exploring the diverse nature of the topography from the sea to the desert to the snow-crested Andes.

South American Facts & Trivia

  • South America is the 4th largest continent accounting for 12% of the world’s land area.
  • The continent is comprised of 12 countries and 1 overseas territory
  • Tropical rain forests cover more than 1/3 of the continent. The forest of the Amazon basin is the world’s largest tropical rain forest.
  • The Amazon is South America’s longest river (4,000 miles long) and the widest river in the world. It carries 1/5 of the world’s fresh water.
  • The Amazon River Basin is home to the anaconda, the world’s largest snake, which can grow to as long as 30
  • The Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the world’s driest places.
  • Population of South America is ~422.5 million.
  • Aconcaqua at 22,381 feet in the  Argentinian Andes mountain range is the highest peak in South America and
    in  the Western Hemisphere.
  • South America is home to more than 25% of all known mammals in the world. Its largest wild land animal is the hoglike tapir which lives in the Amazon region and grows to the size of  a pony. South America is also home to the capybara, the world’s largest rodent (dubious honor?).

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