Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers – Introducing Our New Book

One of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 (and 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, etc) was to finish and publish a book. I’ve had several in the works for ages, but I never seem to find the time nor the determination nor the patience to finish one. Aha! With the constant prodding from my better half and his newly-acquired self-publishing skills, 2019 is the year I actually kept this resolution.

Introducing … (drumroll, please)   Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers

Introducing … (drumroll, please) Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers

Actually, this is not the book topic I imagined I’d complete. I’ve contemplated a Nine of Cups Cookbook update or perhaps turning the blog series ‘From There to Here’ into a travelogue of our sailing years and circumnavigation or maybe writing about our Thames Path adventure. I’ve got loads of notes and outlines, log sheets and trip diaries… more than enough to become a book about any of these topics. Living here in Las Vegas, however, and being pretty much non-gamblers, the topic seemed to be more appropriate and hopefully will appeal to larger audience.

Here’s a synopsis of the book …

“Las Vegas For Non-Gamblers provides an opportunity for gamblers and non-gamblers alike to learn more about Las Vegas and all it has to offer. Time and time again we hear how people dislike or shun Las Vegas because ‘it’s nothing but gambling’. ‘Sin City’ might not be for everyone, but we’ve discovered that though gambling and casinos are definitely a big part of the city’s culture, Las Vegas is a vibrant city even beyond its neon lights.

From in-city museums, parks and gardens to the world famous Hoover Dam, the top of Mount Charleston or the hiking trails of the stunning Red Rock Canyon, there’s so much more than most folks can imagine.

If it’s your first trip to Las Vegas, this book provides a great overview of what there is to see and do beyond gambling both in and around the city. If you’ve visited Las Vegas before, whether on business, while attending a convention or just to have fun, check out more of the city’s diverse attractions and perhaps pick up a few insider tips along the way.”

We released the book this past week and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s 100+ pages of information, ideas, activities, color photos and a local’s perspective of the city. It can be ordered on Amazon in either a paperback or Kindle format (just click the link to the left) … OR

You can also order it directly off our website in .pdf format by going to either the Just A Little Further Home Page or the Publications page to Our ebooks and clicking on the book for ordering information.

If and when you read it, we’d love your feedback either via a review on Amazon or an email to us at nineofcups1 at