sleepy girl  

Naps should never be underrated. Short naps, power naps, cat naps … I love them. They're refreshing and I take advantage of a mid-day snooze whenever I can. I have no idea why we tend to reserve naps for little kids who really don't appreciate them as much as adults do. The Spanish have the right idea with their afternoon siestas.


napping on truck


I don't like long naps. I wake up feeling groggy and then I can't sleep at night. Short naps though … oh, wow. Initially we felt a bit guilty about taking a nap in the afternoon. It's not considered really kosher to nap at work during the day, so it took a while to become accustomed to being our own bosses and taking a nap whenever we felt like it.


koala napping


Nothing like feeling a bit sleepy in the afternoon and crawling onto the bunk for a quick forty winks. If one of us suggests it, it doesn't take much to convince the other to catch a little shuteye … in the name of companionship. Still, when a knock comes on the hull at 2pm and we're busy catching a few z's below, we kind of skulk up on deck and pretend we weren't sleeping.


jelly napping


The ultimate napper was and still is Jelly. She can nap anywhere, anytime. No guilt, no concern for shirking her chores. She naps, eats, poops and then naps some more. She used to nap on-watch and off. Now she just naps all the time. Remind me to come back in my next life as a well-cared for cat.


marcie and jelly napping


Writing has made me sleepy. I'm heading in for a catnap with Jelly. ;-)

What about you? Are you a napper?

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