The Blue View - A new bunkmate

salon table now a workbench  

I have a couple of photos of the main salon area. One was taken a few weeks ago and one yesterday - sort of a “Before and After” collage. Notice anything different? You undoubtedly observed that not only have the contents of the trash can changed, but the finish on the table has suffered a bit with the ongoing project.

With all this hammering, sawing and epoxying going on, I was worried about damaging the salon table, and a workbench would be so much more useful. So I removed the tabletop and replaced it with a hunk of plywood I keep around for the purpose.

The biggest dilemma was where to store the tabletop. Well, Marcie isn't using her half of the bunk, so...




My new bunk mate is a bit wider in the hips and more flat chested than I like, but, hey, “If you can't be with the one you love...”


Days and Ways to Celebrate
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Tweed Day
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World Pillow Fight Day
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