Jump Trax

nick and dinosaur  

My 18-year-old nephew known as Nicholas or Nick to the rest of the world and Nicks to me, works part time at a place called Jump Trax. He's worked there for two years and though I've visited during that time, I never had a chance to see the inside of the place. In fact, I didn't really know what the place was. It's an inflatable jumping place. Hmm...


jump trax logo


So I'm back in the Boston area unexpectedly and we were planning to drop Nicks off at work one day and I asked if we could have a tour. “Sure”, he said. Remember, he's 18 and I'm his aging aunt. Saying “Sure” was very large in my book and I was looking forward to seeing what a jumping place was. I mean I know what “jumping” is, but an inflatable jumping place, that's something different from a place that's jumpin' or getting jumped.




Son of a gun, if Jump Trax isn't a place where kids go to jump. It's a village of huge, soft, inflatable creatures and structures. You take off your shoes and dive in … and jump. You can have jumping parties or open jump time if nothing else is scheduled. You can enjoy it if you're 6, 16 or 60 although I was not invited to jump... not everything was totally inflated yet. Maybe next time.


inflating at jump trax


I'm not sure I CAN jump, now that I think of it. I know I could jump once, but I don't do it often any more. I jump off the boat (actually a graceful step-down is more accurate) and I “jump to” when the captain gives a command (as if!). If I get a special invitation, I jump on it. And when we don't get to port on time or the weather's lousy, I get jumpy. I need to ask Nicks if I can jump at Jump Trax. It sounds as if it could be another adventure.


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